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    What you can find here

    Madthoughts is full of thoughts and opinions from the absurd to the remarkable. Here at madthoughts people can talk about just about anything they want some of the things that are commonly talked about here on madthoughts include: The news Politics, music, art, health and everything else... What is you favorite band or type of music? Post about the music you love and share it with friends! or just read and about music here on madthoughts! Need to say something about recent political events or policies mad thoughts will help you say it!Health is just something we talk about here on madthoughts. We dont claim to be doctors or medical professionals but we do know how to stay healthy! With people posting health guides and health product reviews knowing how to stay healthy with the help of madthoughts has never been easier.
    Just some of the things you will find here on madthoughts

    Something random cool

    "Did you know that it is possible to increase your height even when you are no longer growing... confused? Well you wont be when you know how... Height increasing insoles read about height increasing insoles here... The insoles maybe just what you need to get the height you are wanting! Cool huh?"


    • Just realized that Im talking to myself on this social network lol... wups. Oh well whats wrong with that?
    • fred commented on their status
      it is getting cold here in England.. or maybe it just my bad circulation or something! Dont like winter coldness but do like the whole feel of winter if that makes sense.... (ya know the dark days and the frost.. tis so cool)
      Sep 23 '14
      But also dangerous because increased risk of getting mugged in the dark haha.
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    • fred commented on their status
      Me and my mates developed this site to rival twitter.... has really picked up has it? LOL I think most my mates have forgotten all about this site now... to be honest I did too!!!!!! Only started using this site again after godaddy wanted me to pay for the domain again.
      Sep 23 '14
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    • Im really tired at the moment... not been exercising for a while so I think my body is shutting down due to all this inactivity.... can I force myself to exercise hmmm... I will try!
    • Got bad knee pain!!!!!! feel sorry for me!
      Been getting some annoying knee pain...  webmd didnt really help at all(and they are meant to be the biggest health site ever ha!), Though I thin...
    • Annoyed!
      Just was reading a post on the blackhat forum about pbns for seo...... I HATE THE BLACKHAT GITS ON THAT FORUM they have something mentally wrong with ...
    • Tom commented on rabbit's blog post
      Ahrefs is rubbish
      Ahrefs is a quite rubbish not to mention really really expensive. Before you could get along just fine using free accounts on ahrefs you could look at...
      Mar 19 '14
      I dont like how it uses up your bandwidth to tell you who you link to or other people for that matter and its costs $75 and they are making money out of your websites.. I block ahrefs on my site because it stupid and also reveled far to much about your link profile to competitors. You can block it via robots.txt I think or if you dont trust them to abide by this you can also block the ip or maybe even the usewr agent the bot uses of the bot through htaccess however this is much harder as you need to know what ip the bot is and keep changing it if they keep changing the ip.
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    • Tom commented on rabbit's blog post
      Google announced they want to make people live longer to click more ads
      A google announcement recently that they are wanting to make people live longer... Why? So they can get more people to click ads of course. A bit of a...
      Sep 20 '13
      Well to me this sounds like google wants to become the dominate power in the health industry.. like all monopoly's google wont rest till they are top dog... And i dont like the idea of evil google controlling health... It all sounds as though (seeing as google is a public traded company and has a duty to its stock share holders to get as much profits as possible) google could eventually if they do find the secret to eternal life make people pay vast sums for it..... and those who cannot afford it can just go die.
      Sep 20 '13
      I really dont like the idea of a super greedy company doing this... Everyone has a right to live making profits in making the rich live longer and those who cannot afford it wont benifit is morally wrong. I hope they do not succeed.. or they do succeed and create the tech but then people take the tech of them and they loose all their profits and we all live longer no matter how much cash we have.
      Sep 20 '13
      I dont think taking health advise from a bunch of nerds is going to help you live longer.
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    • maniac commented on rabbit's blog post
      Google may stop using cookies to track ya instead they will use something else
      Google has long been criticized for spying on its users and breaking users trust especially when it was revealed that google gave the us government a ...
      Sep 20 '13
      Doesnt google care or know that it is important for the public to trust them.... this being annouced so soon after that whole thing about google giving private info to the government is so funny and stupid on google's part....... Oh well i dont use google anyway... duckduckgo!
      Sep 20 '13
      Friday, it doesn't really matter if you use google search or not as most sites now have adsense and or google analytic on them which track you! LOL
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    • rabbit commented on admin's blog post
      Registration update to madthoughts
      In our previous blog post we announced how registration would now be done through a invite system to our social network... We have however came to a n...
      Sep 20 '13
      Awesome idea... stops madthoughts from getting lonely and with same boring old people on it all the time.. no offense madthoughters ;)
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    fred Sep 21 '14
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    fred Sep 21 '14
    Madthoughts is a pretty good social network..... w... more
    Tom Mar 19 '14