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    Madthoughts is full of thoughts and opinions from the absurd to the remarkable. Here at madthoughts people can talk about just about anything they want some of the things that are commonly talked about here on madthoughts include: The news Politics, music, art, health and everything else... What is you favorite band or type of music? Post about the music you love and share it with friends! or just read and about music here on madthoughts! Need to say something about recent political events or policies mad thoughts will help you say it!Health is just something we talk about here on madthoughts. We dont claim to be doctors or medical professionals but we do know how to stay healthy! With people posting health guides and health product reviews knowing how to stay healthy with the help of madthoughts has never been easier.
    Just some of the things you will find here on madthoughts

    Something random cool

    "Did you know that it is possible to increase your height even when you are no longer growing... confused? Well you wont be when you know how... Height increasing insoles read about height increasing insoles here... The insoles maybe just what you need to get the height you are wanting! Cool huh?"


    • Tom commented on rabbit's blog post
      Ahrefs is rubbish
      Ahrefs is a quite rubbish not to mention really really expensive. Before you could get along just fine using free accounts on ahrefs you could look at...
      Mar 19
      1 0
      Mar 19
      I dont like how it uses up your bandwidth to tell you who you link to or other people for that matter and its costs $75 and they are making money out of your websites.. I block ahrefs on my site because it stupid and also reveled far to much about your link profile to competitors. You can block it via robots.txt I think or if you dont trust them to abide by this you can also block the ip or maybe even the usewr agent the bot uses of the bot through htaccess however this is much harder as you need to know what ip the bot is and keep changing it if they keep changing the ip.
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    • Tom
      How to get an account here
      Madthoughts is a pretty good social network..... with a cool design and a couple cool dudes too. If you want to join in with the fun over here you wil...
      Mar 19
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    • Tom posted a forum topic
      How to get auto approve gsa ser list easy!
      Using gsa search engine ranker to scrape and post to websites is great however it often takes a long time to compile a good enough and big enough list...
      Mar 19
    • Tom
      ventureer hosting is really bad!
      This is just my little quick reveiew of ventureer hosting.. the uptime is terrible, slow loading website and really rubbish scam I think! I give it 0/...
    • Judge says google is not infirginging copyright
      A moronic judge in the case against google in which Authors guild is
      suing gogole on ground of copyright infringement after google has been
    • Getting healthy running
      Your health is really important... more important than how rich you are.. hard to believe huh? But it is true money cannot buy you health.. (well tech...
    • Here is a mad thought height increasing insoles
      After hearing one of my friends complain about not being tall enough to play for their local basketball team... it got me wondering if there actually ...
    • Anit virus programs are viruses in themselves
      Honestly they break your internet connection... Constantly updating and putting all sorts of rubbish on your website and install stupid pointless sear...
    • Got hit by negative seo
      My site has been hit but quite oddly... on one random blog post....and by some one posting random urls not even related niches on auto approve stuff [...
    • Google is rubbish
      Google wants you to do something for them otherwise risk being punished by your website knocked off the search engine.. no follow all your ...


    Madthoughts is a pretty good social network..... w... more
    Tom Mar 19
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    Tom Dec 11 '13
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